What we offer to municipalities

Municipalities from six provinces use NOVAGO’s infrastructure.
Our key business is to assist municipalities in:


proper waste segregationdisposal of biodegradable wastewaste landfilling



NOVAGO can provide municipalities with:

 municipal waste transport of municipal waste

Municipal Waste Selective
Collection Points

Transport of
municipal waste



Special containers for municipal waste

Collection of municipal waste
and large waste items


The municipalities that work with NOVAGO reduce the volumes of landfilled waste and increase the volumes of waste used to produce alternative fuels.

Too much waste in your area? We can help.

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Who we work with

NOVAGO has a technology to obtain alternative fuel with a very high calorific value. With its calorific value close to that of coal (i.e. over 20 MJ/kg), RDF is an excellent choice for cement plants, CHP plants and industrial plants.

  Cement plants

We have been working with the cement industry for years now. Currently, we have a 10-year contract with the Lafarge Group, one of the largest cement producers in the world.

  CHP plants

Demand for alternative fuels will be rising over the next several years, with smaller CHP plants as major drivers of the growth.

  Industrial plants

Do you represent a production plant and need assistance in deciding upon affordable alternative sources of energy?