New directions of China Everbright International

China Everbright International, NOVAGO’s majority shareholder, is well on the track to quickly become the largest waste-to-energy company in the world in terms of processing capacity. Its ambitions, however, do not end there. The company follows the current trends and actively develops innovative technologies in the field of environmental protection. The most important projects include the technology of plasma vitrification of fly ash, activated carbon production in biomass power plants and intelligent recycling containers developed by China Everbright International.

Plasma vitrification of fly ash

Fly ash generated as a result of waste incineration belongs to hazardous waste as it contains a lot of dioxins and heavy metals. The technology of plasma vitrification developed by China Everbright International is a new solution to the problem of fly ash management and its neutralization. After plasma vitrification, dioxins in fly ash can be thoroughly decomposed into small non-toxic and harmless gases, and heavy metals are immobilized in a glass body and cannot be leached. The obtained glass is a safe material, which can be recycled and processed into subgrade materials, thermal insulation materials etc.

Production of activated carbon in biomass power plants

Activated carbon is a carbonaceous adsorbent material obtained by thermal and chemical processing using carbonaceous materials such as wood chips, nut shells and coal. It has a developed porous structure and excellent adsorption properties, and is widely used in environmental protection, food, medicine and chemical industries. Biomass power plants have high operating costs and relatively low revenues. The production of activated carbon, which is in high demand, allows such installations to achieve an additional source of revenue. Numerous tests have proved the high efficiency of the activated carbon production process developed by China Everbright International.

Smart recycling containers

Smart recycling containers designed and developed by China Everbright International are the answer to the problem of promoting waste recycling among the society. Smart recycling containers attract attention and help to get more people involved in waste recycling. The containers are equipped with touch screens and support various login methods (e.g. using a card or scanning a QR code). They this way: after logging in, the user uses the touch screen to select the appropriate type of waste and throws it into the feeder. Then, the weight of waste is checked and the amount of money due to the user for delivering waste to the container is calculated. The funds obtained this way are transferred to the user's account, from where they can be withdrawn using a virtual wallet. The way the smart containers are operated can of course be tailored to the specific requirements.

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