ETV Statement of Verification for Periodic anaerobic Bioreactor [OBB]

On 24.07.2019 NOVAGO obtained the Statement of Verification No. VN20190037 for the Periodic Anaerobic Bioreactor [OBB] in the ANABIORECTM technology with the energy system for generating electricity and heat from biogas as part of the ETV EU pilot program. OBB is the first Polish technology in the field of Energy Technologies with the Statement of Verification. The statement confirms the following effects: methane content in biogas at the level of 55.29% and specific energy production rate at 17.97 MJ / (Mg waste * month). If you wish to learn more about this technology, please read the full Verification Certificate

We are proud that this remarkable success strengthens the position of NOVAGO as a leader of innovative waste management not only in Poland, but also in the European Union.